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Shipping & Returns
We worked with the postal official service of the Peru, SERPOST S.A, for all our local, regional and international shipments.

At the request of the customer, we can make shipments by DHL, TNT, UPS or any other courier that the customer indicate us.

Shipments, returns, changes and exchanges of products, are due to the following regulation, that the customer will agree before accomplishing a purchase:
  • The maximum weight permitted by the mail service is 30 kg. for each order packing included. The orders that have more than 30 Kg. will be distributed in packages of 30 kg. or less. Alternative methods of shipment exist, for which you can do the necessary consultations with us.

  • Most orders are shipped within 48 hours (working days) from the time the order is received, unless the out of stock does not allow and that web site indicate it when the customer chose a product, or for problems with our suppliers, the one that our customers will be informed immediately by email in a period not bigger than 12 hours of the information was received. Shipments will be dispatched to the address registered by the customer in our web site and in the payment gateway.
  • Local and International shipping are made using Serpost Mail Service. for packages below 2 kg. we use Certified Mail Service, for order more than 2 kg. we should use Express Mail Service (EMS) the fast service that has Serpost S.A.
  • The service "Certified Mail" shows only partial information package tracking. EMS shows detailed information package tracking. For inquiries package tracking use the following link:

  • The responsibility in the delivery of the packages is exclusive of the postal service of the Peru and of the postal service of the country of destination. Packages are subject to delays in transit for which we cannot be held responsible. Please look up times of delivery provided by the postal service of the Peru making click here for EMS or click here for Certified Standard Service.
  • The products acquired by our customers are packed according to the standards and available facilities in Peru. Your packages is subject to customs of the destination country. MiniBooksWorld is not responsible for damaged articles or seizures by your country officials.
  • If applied, invoice, customs declaration and all the documents related to the shipping are included.  However it is possible that some countries require additional information from the customer or perhaps tax payments at customs in order to clear the shipment, according local regulations.  In these cases the customer is fully responsible to provide any documentation or payment at customs. If any packaged return for any problem, in all cases, shipping costs are not refundable.
  • If the customer is not found at his house, the courier will left out a paper alert and make contact again within the next 5 days in order to arrange another delivery date. If failing this procedure, the package will be returned to our shop. If the customer require the order again, should pay for all costs incurred with the new shipping. Use Contact Us form for ask exact information of returned orders
  • Customers are responsible to inquire about prohibited or regulated products on their countries. If order is rejected on custom because the product ordered has rectrictions, MiniBooksWorld is not responsible and not refund the amount of purchase.
  • If any product received by our customer does not match the original order. A Contact Us form is available for the customer to write us.
  • The customer is able to exchange products of his order for others of the same or higher value existent at our virtual store, only with the condition that the product has not been opened or altered. Shipping costs will be charged. Contact Us form is available for the customer to write us within 48 hours after receiving the package by courier.
  • For verification purpose and your security please open the package in front of the courier representative and write down any deficiencies in the products you might find.
  • MiniBooksWorld is not responsible for any loss or damage which may be caused during the shipping or handling of any products. MiniBooksWorld ships with responsible carriers and the terms of shipment are standard and therefore, the risk of any loss or damage is the customers during the shipping process.
  • If you like to give us special instructions, please use the field "Add Comments About Your Order" in the "Delivery Information" Form of the checkout process.
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